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Radio Press TV

Basilone Executive Search and Staffing 

"Heather is great at teaching meditation and helped my type A personality to mentally focus and release some old patterns from work. 

I call her the "Goddess of Cure."

~ Larry Basilone


 Director Health Plan Services at Scripps Health 

" After a few months of attending classes regularly and eventually adding weekly private sessions, I was able to stop taking medication.  My behavioral therapist was astounded by my rapid progress and she happily released me from her care. 

I just "woke up" and started questioning everything about my life and what I wanted for my future."

~ Melissa Halgas

Radio Press TV

Radio Press TV

 The Owner, Power of Touch Wellness, LLC

Heather's programs provided me new mental health care solutions for my clients which left them feeling empowered and hopeful for brighter days ahead. I could physical feel for myself the incredible benefits of electrolyzed reduced water.


Training with Heather on trauma helped me serve my community in ways that honestly will ripple with many generations. 

    ~  Anita Scaglione, CMTPT, LMT



 Scientist in Corporate World

You made me believe in something I have never actually believed in because I had no experience with it. Feeling my mother's love and presence for those few minutes was a true gift to me. Your abilities are something I have never in my life encountered. I am beginning to understand what it means to be a healer. 

~ Lisa Cody


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 Group  Exercise Director

“Heather Ferri is an inspiration to me both as a teacher and mentor.   Training with her in both Kundalini Yoga and meditation classes and understanding her expertise in trauma, has helped me to learn to think differently with what the needs are with programming within the facility.  


~ Cari Lackner