Coaching Testimonials

"I had two options. One was to remain silent and never to speak and then to be killed by the terrorists. The second option was to speak up for my rights and then die. And I chose the second one."

-- Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Peace Prize Winner 


 Group  Exercise Coordinator

Community & Recreation Center @Boyce Mayview Park

“Heather Ferri has been such an inspiration to me as a teacher and mentor.   I have been taking her Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes for over a year now and through her own life experiences and educational knowledge, she has helped me to learn to think differently on what I need to do daily with breath work to reduce stress and find some internal peace.  

The guidance Heather gave me and the tools she has provided me with really transformed the way I was handling an extremely stressful situation in my life.    I now feel like I have an effective system to help me deal with any daily challenges I might have.”


~ Cari Lackner

Basilone Executive Search and Staffing 

"Heather is not just Great at Yoga,

she is a Healer. I had problems with my back-improved it; hamstrings-improved them;

Now a breathing ailment.

She figures it out. 

I call her the "Goddess of Cure."

~ Larry Basilone


 Director Health Plan Services at Scripps Health 

" After a few months of attending classes regularly and eventually adding weekly private sessions, I was able to stop taking medication.  My behavioral therapist was astounded by my rapid progress and she happily released me from her care. 

I just "woke up" and started questioning everything about my life and what I wanted for my future."

~ Melissa Halgas


Co-Founder, Inner Chi Holistic Center, LLC

 The owner, Power of Touch Wellness, LLC


As a wellness practitioner and owner of a holistic center, it is of critical importance to me to bring only proven products and experienced teachers to my clients. I had previously heard of Electrolyzed Reduced Water, and even sat in on a full presentation about its benefits, but I wasn’t convinced.


When Heather presented extensive clinical studies and PubMed research on the healing properties of this water, I came to appreciate its full value to me and my client base. In a similar fashion, Heather opened my eyes to the powerful wellness effects of Kundalini Brain Protocols.

I have practiced it with fantastic results.


Both the Water machine and Kundalini Brain Workshops have helped me both personally and professionally. Furthermore, many of my clients have experienced significant health improvements from use of electrolyzed reduced water and/or Kundalini work.


I highly recommend Heather’s work and respect her experience, passion, and knowledge in both of these areas.

    ~  Anita Scaglione, CMTPT, LMT


My Father's Last Breath

At some point in time, whether by choice or circumstance you will be with someone as they draw their last breath. While my Father’s passing was not unexpected, as much as you believe you are prepared, you can never imagine the way death will impact your life.


 I had been working with Heather for months prior to his departure. I had never chanted or thought about my breath before. It looked easy enough. Why was it so challenging to breathe, move and use my voice?  As I began learning from Heather, I felt uncoordinated and ready to quit, but I realized studying Kundalini yoga/meditation from someone with the level of expertise she offers, would provide me the skills required to get through this and other roadblocks in life.


Heather was (is) patient with me in a way I never would be with myself. I found refuge in her workshops at the Crafton studio. Each session focuses on a relevant subject where I learn something new every time (and something new about myself), These sessions engage my mind and push me out of my comfort zone in a supportive and relaxed environment. Heather is an excellent communicator and provides explanation and even modifications for every movement, along with a healthy dose of encouragement.


From what I have learned from Heather thus far, I was able to be fully present and support my Father on his final journey. I began with a short breath work set to calm and set my intention for his peaceful transition. I prayed over him, then played “Longtime Sun” as my Mother read the lyrics aloud.  As his breathing slowed and eventually stopped, I truly believe we did “guide his way on.” I was overcome with a deep calmness and sense of peace, instead of grief and sadness.

That was the gift that Heather and the practice of Kundalini Yoga gave to me.

With Gratitude,

~ Luanne P. 


 Age is just a number!

" At age 70, I heartily recommend Heather.  Eight years of consistent work and attendance have improved my breathing, my life outlook, and my rapid hip replacement surgery.  Two physical therapists have told me never to stop going to Kundalini Yoga Sessions. 

~ Poly Power


Medical Disclaimer 

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Refund Policy: We believe in Energy Exchange and want you to find the program that offers you the energetic value you were expecting. After your free 30 minute consultation if you decide to purchase a private or group coaching package there are no refunds. And all packages expire in six months from when purchased.

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