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Healing emotional pain and severe PTSD can be terrifying...

it certainly was for me…After so many years of being triggered your mind starts to disappear and everything in your life looks upside down.

​​ Hitting a low point you need more than a pill, potion, or massage you need the courage to embrace your inner warrior – and be given a brain protocol that can release the fight-flight button, relax your central nervous system, and be guided on how to feel. 

Several factors that increase the risk for PTSD include:

1. Watching or experiencing physical or sexual abuse. 

2. Feeling like you can't leave your home because you are afraid.

3. Car accident that left you feeling like you are outside yourself.

4. Childhood trauma

5. Having little or no social support after an emotional event

6. Feeling emotional injury and turning to addiction

Do children react differently than adults?

Children and teens can have extreme reactions to trauma, but some of their symptoms may not be the same as adults. Symptoms are sometimes seen in very young children (less than 6 years old), these symptoms can include:

1. Wetting the bed after having learned to use the toilet

2. Forgetting how to or being unable to talk

3. Acting out the scary event during playtime

4. Being unusually clingy with a parent or other adult

Older children and teens are more likely to show symptoms similar to those seen in adults. They may also develop disruptive, disrespectful, or destructive behaviors. 

This online PDF file includes pictures of each meditation/brain exercise as well as a short instructional video. I made sure an absolute beginner who has never meditated could follow the protocol and succeed.

The cost of this program is $497.

Paid either through Paypal or Venmo

You will need to email me at 

Requesting to purchase the program.

Once I receive payment I will email you the PDF file and video.

 You will also receive 50% off one private zoom session if you feel after doing the program you would like some additional instruction, guide, or healing work. 

The resiliency program and programs mentioned on my speaker page can be taught to medical professionals as well as employees for a wellness program.


Email me to set up a zoom consultation to explore the best course of action

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