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Self Healing 


Healing Pain

Private and Group Coaching

My programs can address one or more of these categories. 

1. Physical Body: 

Alignment, exercise, energy, aura, food, and water.

Do you feel energized and have the strength to endure your day?

Are you tired, in pain, weight issues, chronic illness and losing hope from all the traditional

or non-traditional programs you have invested in?

I am confident my work will unravel root causes to your physical ailments.


2. Emotional Energy:

Do you understand how you process emotions? 

Do you verbalize them, suppress them, scream them, or eat them ( habitual examples), and are you aware

that stored emotions in the organs leads to physical pain?

Healing pain is very much connected to root issues stored for years dormant in the connective tissues

it takes an advanced healer to teach specific brain work and then use energy work to have a release.


That release is permanent and gives a person the experience to feel how heavy blocked emotions can be in the body when not addressed.

Analytical talking will not unravel these hidden secrets your soul stored and may cause the roots to go deeper into hiding.


3. Mental Blocks: 

I see the brain as a computer chip.

If you spoke to a professional computer person, they would tell you doing a deep cleaning once a week to not get viruses is mandatory for a computer to last, yet most people wait until they have a mental breakdown

before addressing their mental blocks? 

I work with Kundalini Brain protocols that have Pub Med research to rewire, release pain, and 

reprogram the brain from past lineage baggage.  

This gives the person the ability to not only heal disorders like PTSD, OCD, and trauma but to rewrite their story. 

These brain protocols were not only a game changer for me but within the last decade for most of my clients. 


Many of them had done twenty-some years of every type of mental health therapy program and within 4-6 months of my programs healed and were given a toolbox of meditations and exercises they can pull out when life gets stressful.


You are not a passive client in the healing work.

By doing 30-40 minutes of meditation, rewiring work, and journaling a few times a week

you learn how to be your own healer.


4. Spiritual Beliefs: 

I respect and do not push my belief systems onto a client.  

In fact, if you read my book, I was not a big fan of God or Jesus for many years of my life. 

I found Jesus and the Holy Spirit through healing myself.

I did not prescribe to a specific church or bible study. 

If those mediums work for you I say, "wonderful" but having experienced miracle healings like Wayne Dyer, I found my truth in spirituality within healings.


I am always open to helping people explore their belief systems and I do energy healings with the Holy Spirit.


I want to be clear in saying I respect personal boundaries on this subject and realize my unconditional love as a healer is universal.


I work with all religions and atheist or agnosticand I believe when you live a life of higher consciousness you need not preach anything because your presence and actions speak for you. 

Interested in working with me?

1. Email me at

Set up a free 30 minute consultation where I will review your Kundalini Numerology chart and ask specific questions to determine which program would be a fit for you.

2. After our initial consultation I will have a better idea of what services and packages would suit your goals.

3. What will you need to do to reserve a package and slot?

1. Complete both medical and personality test form.

2. Schedule the day/ time slot for your appointment.

3. Pay your paypal invoice 48 hours before the first scheduled appointment. 







Medical Disclaimer 

The information on this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis treatment. Services that you obtain through this website are for information and healing purposes and not offered as a "treatment" for a medical or psychiatric diagnosis. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Adminstration.

Refund Policy: We believe in Energy Exchange and want you to find the program that offers you the energetic value you were expecting. After your free 30 minute consultation if you decide to purchase a private or group coaching package there are no refunds. And all packages expire in six months from when purchased.

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