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I love to coach and help people heal and succeed! 

Whether you are on my social media channels or referred to me 

I not only have references and testimonies of my coaching programs I have past clients willing to

speak to you about their journey and what made me so unique.


I do believe my professional training as a child in theater and dance set the stage for me to become resilient, disciplined, and outside the box in customizing mental health programs.  

My worldly achievements on Broadway and holding a Guinness Book of World Records created by my type A and OCD perfectionist persona are the conditioning of how I presented myself to the world (my ego mask).


My book Victim to Victory reveals how an unstable childhood and emotional foundation

can hinder our personal and professional choices and levels of peace and happiness. 

My second career was led by God ( not to sound religious) where after being sick and learning these ancients sciences to rewire my brain and heal my body I started to receive private coaching clients with mental health issues. 


I understand the frustration of doing years of therapy and even stepping into the holistic arena and not experiencing the long-term results. 

Do you know how many clients have shared that pain with me?

What if I told you that you did not fail, but the system that created these education tools did?

And that the ancient scientific brain protocols among 2 other healing modules combined provide people fast results?

Would you want to learn more through a free 30-minute zoom consultation?

If you suffer from OCD, PTSD, Childhood trauma, or addiction

guess what they all have one thing in common: 

Root Issue: trauma

What do I do?

Set up a Free 30-minute zoom consultation and will continue that dialogue.







Group Coaching 

When I am hired to work with a group of employees on mental health, I first begin a conversation on what is the focus of the program. Here are some examples: insomnia, depression, anxiety, anger management, lack of energy or creativity, and better mental focus. 


Once we decide on the main topic I customize a program to either teach on zoom or in person. The four-step neurological exercise/test to determine the health of the neurons in the brain sets the stage for commitment. 


Why do I say that?


I have yet to meet anyone who has passed that simple exercise/test. This gives me an overview of how many people can be mentally and emotionally unstable due to the computer chip (brain) needing new scientific tools for optimal repair and prosperity. 


This will be the first homework assignment for the group.


To take 8 minutes out of the day to do this brain health exercise.  


I usually set group coaching for 4-8 weeks sessions.


Depending on the specific goals one to two days a week. 


Do you feel offering your employees, clinic, or organization a new mental health program would be beneficial?


If you answered yes, contact me below for a free 30-minute zoom consultation. 





Special Note to Doctors and Healers:

Through years of experience, I have formulated training programs for physical therapists, chiropractors, and western doctors for treating and working with root issues of trauma. My approach to training you are to heal you and experience the teachings personally and then apply them to your patients.  I would love to share this ancient wisdom with you!