Speaking Topics!

"I believe God had a plan with my life. Here it is. To speak, inspire, and teach a new mental health care program that shows results and fast!"

"My faith has the power to turn pain into healing conflict into growth and fear into love." 

"I believe God Phad a plan with my life. Here it is. To speak, inspLire, and teach a new mental health care program that shows results and fast!"

Speaking Topics

Below is a selection of the presentations I have offered. With any topic you choose, I will work with you to tailor the presentation to your organization's specific goals and challenges.

I also welcome requests for other topics. 

My Keynote

“With the will of a warrior and a resilient mind Victory is possible!”
1. Do you ever feel like no one is listening to you?
2. Are there certain people in your workplace
that shut you down before you even open your mouth?
3. Do you ever experience the same Ground Hog day
every day not knowing why?
Through theatrical storytelling, a little singing and dancing Heather welcomes you into her journey of addressing OCD and healing severe PTSD.
Obsessive Compulsive Behavior is not just about cleaning,
but what it conditions us to think will control one's life and actions.
When people victimized turn a switch on in the brain that says control something or someone in your life that becomes a part of an addiction to suppress the pain of underlying trauma.
For Heather, that was controlling her eating by becoming anorexic
and then after being physically injured turning that control into a sugar addiction.
Heather will take you behind the scenes of her days living in New York City where she conquered fears of not being good enough and how she trained with the best.
The magic of how she found a jazz night club
and began to watch, train, and dance with the best tap masters like Gregory Hines in the world.
Finally finishing with how her success in show business didn’t numb the pain of her childhood abuse and how the last person on earth, her father, gave her the information needed to have a full healing with her severe PTSD. 
Do you want to feel inspired?
If yes, hire me!
Do you want to hear unique stories and learn basic healing modules
with a theatrical and passionate person?
If yes, hire me!
Do you want to implement the best brain protocols for your staff?
If yes, hire me!

Favorite Speaking Topics!

1. The power of intuition and how to train the mind for optimal health and success.
2. Facing fear builds resilience which leads to legacy leadership.
3. Healing fundamental stress in the body / mind produces a happier person. 
3. The psychology of Yoga and meditation that is missing in a commercialized culture?
4. Unraveling your authentic voice so you can communicate not only with words but energy and leave a positive stamp on your legacy.
5. Healing pain always comes with great gifts of lessons that can shift your life for the better.
6. The energy of your home and work environment determines the longevity of your impact.
How your energy affects people, business, creative ideas, and solving problems.   




From Anxiety to Top Performers!


No one understands the pressures of performing under severe anxiety more than me. I went from Guinness Book of World Record Holder to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and an inability to walk.


You will hear the stories behind the power of resilience, how I reprogrammed my brain and the strength that comes from healing the past. 


How you set up each morning before the work day and how you end it is a clear sign of mentally thriving or just surviving.


Learn powerful tools on mastering your day and overcoming obstacles, negativity, and problems.


The list below goes on and on but hopefully, the message is clear.


Numerous successful people swear by meditation and if you've studied personal growth, you are aware of the idea of following "blueprints".


These are formulas that others have used to become successful which you can follow as well. Meditation is one of those success formulas worth following.


  1. Jeff Weiner, This former Yahoo executive-turned-LinkedIn CEO blocks out time in his calendar each day to train in meditation. Why? Weiner says the reason is simple: "Just to think. "This helps him to practice empathy and compassion and has a positive impact on his productivity.

  2. Jerry Seinfeld, More than just a comedian, Seinfeld is worth over $800 million, making him one of the most successful entertainers in the world. While some may have spiritual reasons for meditating, Seinfeld's is simply for one purpose: productivity.

  3. Ray Dalio, When the founder of the world's largest hedge fund says that mediation is the single biggest thing he can trace back to his success, entrepreneurs should pay attention.  Well, that's who Ray is--and he's been meditating for over 40 years.

  4. Bob Stiller, Founder of Green Mountain Coffee, Stiller not only believes in meditation for himself, but he also encourages his entire team to practice it. He even offers incentives centered around increasing their happiness, which he believes is key to reaching peak performance.





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