Speaking Topics

Below is a selection of the presentations I have offered. With any topic you choose, I will work with you to tailor the presentation to your organization's specific goals and challenges.

"I believe God Phad a plan with my life. Here it is. To speak, inspLire, and teach a new mental health care program that shows results and fast!"

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1. How to go from Victim to Victory!

A 45-minute talk on how Heather took the road less traveled and was guided by God to leave western medicine and learn ancient sciences to heal her complex PTSD, OCD, genetic red blood cell disorder, chronic fatigue, and cancer.  You will leave inspired and motivated to overcome any blocks that appear in your personal and professional life! 

“Reading this book is inherently therapeutic in itself and powerfully illuminating. It is a resource for abuse survivors; for those connected to survivors through friendship, love relationships, work, or family; and for those therapists, alternative healers and educators who seek to be professional resources.” 

                          ~ Victoria Hanchin, LCSW, Licensed Clinical social worker for 30 years.

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2. How breathing meditations heal pain, increase profit, and

produce a happy environment

A 45-minute interactive talk on how doing 20 minutes of specific breathwork a day can change your attitude and create organic creativity, teamwork, and prosperity. 



Scientific American

A growing number of studies show that breathing techniques are effective against anxiety and insomnia. These techniques influence both physiological factors (by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system) and psychological factors (by diverting attention from thoughts).


Pub Med on How Breathwork can change your life




Forbes Article: How Breathing Calms Your Brain, And Other Science-Based Benefits of Controlled Breathing.


1. Regulates your blood pressure

2. Segmented breath meditations address the brain’s emotional control regions.

3. The rhythm of your breathing affects memory.

4. Controlled breathing can boost the immune system and improve energy metabolism.

5. Breathing meditations can release emotional pain and reduce acidity and stress being stored internally in the body.



3. How to rewire OCD and anxiety to increase creativity, solutions,

and communication.

A 45 - 90 minute talk on how ancient yogic brain protocols changed my life and then I began teaching business owners and coaching and realizing this is the missing piece to mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. 


Pub Med for Kundalini OCD meditation series





Om Times: Noninvasive Treatments for OCD

1. Least understood mental issue today.

2. Psychotropic drugs experience mild improvements.

3. Kundalini Yogic OCD Brain Protocol has shown to be the most effective treatment for OCD.

4. Trauma and OCD commonly occur together.

5. Many suffer in silence out of fear, shame, and guilt.

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Guinness World Record Holder Dance

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Healing emotional pain and control issues can be scary at first then liberating…it certainly was for me…

After being anorexic I moved into having a sugar addiction that led me to be obsessed with looking “perfect” and pushing people away.


Usually, this type of behavioral pattern occurs if you felt “controlled” or “manipulated” by someone in your past. Whatever the reason is for you feeling depressed, stressed out, and maybe out of control…

Healing with specific Ancient Yogic Medical Meditations that have clinical research will give you tools in rewiring old programs.







Those above fixations are a distraction from an underlying pain that you suppressed to survive. Unfortunately, that old program stops you from living and feeling your best!


With this program, you can take your time healing, write in a journal, and

rewire the roots of your habitual patterns. 

“After a few months of zoom classes regularly and eventually adding weekly private sessions, I was able to stop taking medication. 


My behavioral therapist was astounded by my rapid progress

and she happily released me from her care.


I just “woke up” and started questioning everything about my life and what I wanted for my future.

I highly recommend Heather’s programs and know she puts value into everything she does”

– Melissa Halgas

  Three Options For Speaking 

1. Keynote Talks (virtual too) and speaker presentations range from 30-90 minutes.

2. Interactive workshops ranging from three hours to three days using small group discussion teams and partner exercises, and individual reflection to cultivate and implement practical tools to measure results.

3. Ongoing zoom training to implement the new programs, incorporate change, and empower duplication daily with new patterns and habits.

A few memorable speaking moments in my career.