Heather Ann Ferri 

Heather Ferri is the author of Victim to Victory, healing generational abuse from my bloodline, a soulful memoir of experiencing severe childhood abuse and how that abuse affected every aspect of her adult life, career choices, health, and relationships.

If you would like a free PDF file of her book or would like to purchase a signed copy you can email her at youmatter108@gmail.com

Heather spent a decade in New York City dancing on Broadway and creating the first Guinness Book of World Records for 16 continuous turns on one foot in tap shoes.  Her career thrived in yoga, pilates, and dance before her physical body began to experience severe chronic pain. This led her down a road of negative feedback from the western medical world with her genetic red blood cell disorder, her auto-immune issues, her complex PTSD, and the signs of trauma trying to release from her body.

Heather being stubborn and a warrior was unwilling to accept the labels and band-aids in western medicine, so she ventured outside the system in search of healing. Her life experiences of training in eastern sciences and mastering ancient brain protocols for childhood trauma, obsessive-compulsive disorder, addictions, and post-traumatic stress disorder gave her the tools to have whole healing and become a transformational coach and speaker.

Through years of experience, she has formulated training programs for physical therapists, chiropractors, and western doctors for treating and working with root issues of trauma. Her approach to training is to heal thyself and experience the teachings and then apply them to patients. 


Guinness World Record Holder Dance

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