Victory is Possible

If I can do it so can YOU!"

Below is an excerpt from the introduction to my book,

“Victim to Victory: Healing Generational Abuse from My Bloodline.” 

In my darkest hour, while in severe pain, I went outside of my comfort zone and wrote Dr. Issam Nemeh, who is also a healer, a long-distance prayer request.

Several weeks went by before I woke up feeling very weak and dizzy to discover stitches in my lower back from psychic surgery.

I believe every soul is born with the birthright to be happy, healthy, and holy. I lost this belief system when I was eight years old, and my worst nightmare became a reality. My mother abruptly changed mental states and began choking me on a regular basis.

I spent the first ten years of my adult life in New York City as an entertainer and earned what some would consider success by achieving an entry in The Guinness Book of World Records. I still felt like I was nothing.

I had no manual on how to deal with my childhood abuse.

My family’s denial destroyed my heart and my spirit and left me feeling like an orphan. I was deathly afraid of my mother and I didn’t trust God. I was conditioned and programmed to know darkness. My subconscious followed my habitual instincts.

My father was the last person on earth I thought would introduce me to Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Kundalini Yoga helped calm my nerves and awaken my authentic identity and played a major role in my healing.

After eight years of personal practice, I traveled to New Mexico and earned my Kundalini teacher certification. Looking back at my business, I am amazed at how often I was divinely given clients who mirrored my own issues.

So, in healing them, I also healed myself.

After living in New York City, I returned home to Pittsburgh to face my karma. The more healing work I did, the harder my life became with my family. My mother’s mental and emotional abuse continued until I finally hit rock bottom. When I entered therapy and reached out to my brother and father about my abuse, their reactions took me further into despair. I fell back into my old habits of eating sugar, running in a million directions, and debating suicide.

Eighteen months after I came out with my abuse, I was not surprised when I became seriously ill. I knew I was having a spiritual death. My illness was a way for God to stop the distractions, forcing me to go within, to feel my wounds and spiritual pain. I spent those months fighting for my life. Utilizing Kundalini brain work, electrolyzed reduced water, Reiki, energy healers, and praying to Christ, I learned for the first time in my life how to honor my truth, take care of me, and love myself.

As a child, I took an oath never to show my authentic self.

I am writing this book to break the generational baggage that held me in such darkness. I desire to be a voice for all those trapped and unable to be heard. I share my story with you in hopes that my wounds are used to bring good science, inspiration, and tools to those willing to use it. For those suffering from emotional or physical pain, my journey through hell can awaken the idea of how to heal, rise above, and create a new life.

With the focus of a warrior, all things are possible.



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