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"Victim to Victory represents an extreme version of what many people are seeking, often without knowing it: a testimonial to a functioning method to recognize and therapeutically deal with abuse suffered at the hands of others."



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Alyssa Lawman: Thank you for never giving up on yourself- INSPIRING!

The author is the definition of a true warrior!!
I was so inspired by her story because she shared so much pain and endured SO much but yet never gave up on herself.
She kept going and kept digging deeper into her own story until it finally made sense to her.
This is something I feel so many people have to go through (in different ways) but give up too soon.
There is no doubt that emotional trauma is stored in the body and Heather is proof that a lot of faith in God and most importantly in yourself you can make it through anything.
Kundalini brain protocols are a miracle because you don't know how much and where this trauma is stored but if you are committed to healing and committing yourself to the practice you will get to exactly where you need to be.
There is a way through every block.
Thank you so much for sharing your story and inspiring others to keep going. You are a true light worker and a blessing to the world <3 
 Douglas William Malcolm: God Can Heal Anything!
You won't finish this book in a weekend! It is full of heartache, pain, disappointment, and betrayal.
There are times when you have to put it down until you can recover.
But then it challenges the reader to learn connections between body, mind and spirit.
It skillfully weaves the story of a talented, young dancer facing stark realities of trying to break into New York show business while retaining her self respect.
Ms. Ferri's account of how she strode into the world of the Legends of Tap Dancing
and earned their help and respect is inspiring.
Finally, her journey back home to the site of childhood abuse to rebuild the family
that hurt her so badly puts any readers problems in perspective.
It's a miracle that this brilliant and talented woman could smile her precious smile for the cover photo.
May God bless her!
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