Heather speaks about resiliency, overcoming victimization mentality, and

rewiring her mental health issues from early childhood trauma.

Heather combines 3 eastern sciences in her programs for both business professionals and companies looking for a unique, alternative approach to healing and empowering the mind. 

"My faith has the power to

turn trauma into healing

conflict into growth

and fear into love." 

Have you ever woke up in the morning, looked in the mirror, and thought,

'I have no idea who is looking back at me?'


I found that statement to be universal within my 20-year private practice in coaching clients whose roles were: CEO, a healthcare professional, a construction worker, a small business owner, a doctor, a lawyer, or a professional athlete.

Hired as a speaker by companies such as; Heinz, Effie Awards, Hard Rock café, PPG Industries, Osteostrong. 


Healing emotional pain and chronic PTSD can be terrifying...it certainly was for me...

After so many years of being triggered your mind starts to disappear and everything in your life looks upside down.

Hitting rock bottom, I had two options I could turn to my rage by acting out or numb myself with drugs.


After years of running away from my truth, God stopped me in my tracks

by giving me the inability to walk without severe pain.


In the process of dying, I faced my denial, felt my pain, and healed slowly

while discovering the spiritual psychology of healing trauma. 

I spent seven years reprogramming my brain and writing about my mystical life in my book Victim to Victory,

healing generational abuse from my bloodline. 


With such subtle attention to detail to your temple (body), I am an intuitive detective. Understanding the divine relationship between your body and mind gives me the capability to unleash your soul's voice that has been silenced by either your past experiences, generational trauma, or organizations.


The problems, lies, and hardships build-up blocks within our communication skills

and feeling frozen within the subconscious brain patterns.




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Have you ever woke up in the morning, looked in the mirror, and thought,

‘I have no idea who is looking back at me?'

Unlike the current mental health care system, I do not see these self-destructive brain patterns

as a lifelong sentence.


If you found my page and read thus far, you must sense that I am outside the box. 


I took the road less traveled because of the labels and pills the system wanted to hand me,


I knew the root cause was my trauma but no one really knew what to do with that so they kept trying to label me.

I spent years running in circles and paying out of pocket for band-aids until I hit rock bottom 

searching within for solutions. 


I had built such a strong ego and wall that until my sickness took over my life,

I was not able to surrender.

Losing my ability to walk for two years while in chronic pain began my education in healing my trauma

on all realms and gaining a clear purpose into my spiritual self.

Many of the clients who have walked through my door or zoom lens

had similar patterns but maybe different labels and stories. 

Do you feel you have so much more potential but keep coming up against the same walls?

Do you wonder why the years of talking and doing everything under the sun

have not given you what you desire?

Do you run in circles escaping the pain

with substance, lust, or anything to help avoid the noise in your head?

Are you afraid of sitting still in the silence of what may come up?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I feel you landed on the right website to explore.

I work with three eastern sciences that not only provide fast results but give you a toolbox set for life.