Conference Speaker and Brain Health Trainer:

Heather Ferri speaks internationally and through virtual webinars as a speaker, facilitating

three - day brain health programs ( Yes, virtual as well), and private and team coaching on zoom.  


If you are interested in receiving a pdf of the first three chapter of my book Victim to Victory please email me at with the subject "Free Book Chapters" 

National Radio Interview Below on Victim To Victory!

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National Radio Interview on my Book! - Heather Ferri
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"My faith has the power to turn trauma into healing conflict into growth and fear into love." 


Heather Ferri is an author, International speaker, and transformational healer. 

"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek." 

                                                                ~ Joseph Campbell


Hired as a speaker by companies such as; Heinz, Effie Awards, Hard Rock café, PPG Industries, Osteostrong. 


Healing emotional pain and chronic PTSD can be certainly was for me...

After so many years of being triggered your mind starts to disappear and everything in your life looks upside down.

Hitting rock bottom, I had two options I could turn to my rage by acting out or numb myself with drugs.


After years of running away from my truth, God stopped me in my tracks by giving me the inability to walk without severe pain.


In the process of dying, I faced my denial, felt my pain, and healed slowly while discovering the spiritual psychology of healing trauma. 

I spent seven years reprogramming my brain and writing about my mystical life in my book Victim to Victory, healing generational abuse from my bloodline. 


I now have online courses and private sessions where people can heal much faster with my expertise experience. 


Heather speaks and facilitates programs for the medical field, legal system, and businesses in the service industry. 


She spent a decade performing on Broadway and created a Guinness Book of World Records for turning in tap shoes.  Her body started to scream help, while her mind was in disassociation, and in a near death experience she had a mystical awakening.  


The moment of that awakening led her on a path less traveled to a “whole” healing. 

Her online program site is      



  Private Transformational Sessions and Group Coaching

I describe myself as "transformational" because my greatest gift is my intuition

and after twenty years in the healing industry

I can spend 3-4 hours with someone and can get to the root and sometimes dark issue(s) that is holding them back in either their personal or professional life.  

Are you struggling with a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual pain?


If Yes, read on.


Whether you are new to the self care journey or a veteran of years of traditional and non-traditional therapies my experience provides results.

Many people come to me frustrated that "talking" or "medicines" or "diets" did not provide

them long term solutions.

I am here to say,

"It is not your fault."

"The health and mental care system is broken."

"I bring two old but new eastern sciences to my work

that not only provide fast results but give you a toolbox set for life. 

Yes, both sciences do have Pub Med research.

Email me at if you desire to review some of that clinical research. 

Why are these sciences not covered by insurances?

My simple response is because they work.


 The Journey to Self Healing

This page allows you to read the 4 categories I work with and to determine before our first free 30 minute consultation meeting which one(s) you would like to address.



Medical Disclaimer 

The information on this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis treatment. Services that you obtain through this website are for information and healing purposes and not offered as a "treatment" for a medical or psychiatric diagnosis. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Adminstration.

Refund Policy: We believe in Energy Exchange and want you to find the program that offers you the energetic value you were expecting. After your free 30 minute consultation if you decide to purchase a private or group coaching package there are no refunds. And all packages expire in six months from when purchased.

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